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Re: [NTB] Windows Clipboard Extender

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  • hsavage
    ... tray icon ... Pasteboard ... I use a permanent PasteBoard file, which is always loaded, and control it with clips. I have 4 or 5 different clips for that
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 10, 2005
      R Shapp wrote:

      > Hi Lotta and Rick,
      > <<It's also on the Document menu, Use as Paste Board. If you use a
      tray icon
      > you can right-click on it to bring up a menu where one of the options
      > toggles the paste-board on/off.>>
      > That is correct, but if you use NoteTab as I do, the tray icon is also
      > dangerous because it will make whatever document is currently "in focus"
      > become your pasteboard. I often have seven or eight documents open in
      > NoteTab. An "empty" document is usually not the one in focus.
      > entries into any random document could be troublesome for me.
      > HTH,
      > Ray Shapp

      I use a permanent PasteBoard file, which is always loaded, and control
      it with clips. I have 4 or 5 different clips for that purpose.

      Below is a clip I just built. If you don't have a PasteBoard file, it
      will create one for you and save it using whatever name you choose by
      editing the supplied filename of pasties.txt which you'll find in the
      3rd line, or leave the name as is.

      It will also turn on the PasteBoard function for that newly created
      file. If you change the name, change only, pasties.txt.

      The second, and all succeeding times the clip is run it will load the
      PasteBoard file if it isn't loaded, or, it will simply toggle the
      PasteBoard function on and off, depending which state it is in.

      To make it very easy to determine the PasteBoard state I went to View >
      Options > Tab bar and changed the tab color for the PasteBoard to
      yellow. When the PasteBoard is active the tab is yellow, when not
      active, the color will depend on how the other tab colors are set.

      Add this clip to a clip library, then for most convenient access create
      a personal toolbar icon for it. You can also just click the clip
      normally to toggle, or, use the In Context mode, that is, press ESC and
      start typing the clip name into the small window line that opens, then
      press ENTER.

      Since this response contains a clip I'm going to CC the 'clips list' so
      any responses can be made from the 'clips list'.

      ; change only the filename in the next
      ; line to a permanent PasteBoard filename
      ^!Set %pb_doc%="^$GetDocumentPath$pasties.txt"
      ^!Set %cur_doc%=^##
      ^!SetScreenUpdate 0
      ^!IfFileExist "^%pb_doc%" SKIP_2 ELSE NEXT
      ^!Menu File/New
      ^!Save AS "^%pb_doc%"
      ^!Open "^%pb_doc%"
      ^!KeyBoard Shift+Ctrl+P
      ^!SetDocIndex ^$GetDocIndex(^%cur_doc%)$

      hrs > hsavage@...
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