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using multiple browsers for testing with Note Tab Pro

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  • hsavage
    ... wish. If you ... each if you ... example clip to add ... would be extremely ... Rob, Below is a clip that works very well. I don t recall the poster but
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2005
      Rob Henrichon wrote:
      > Hello All.
      > Don, you wrote:
      > "Only two browsers are available via the buttons, but you can have
      > unlimited browsers fired up via clips to demo pages if you
      wish. If you
      > have the pro version you can even make clipbar buttons for
      each if you
      > are so inclined."
      > I am a designer using Note Tab Pro - can you show me an
      example clip to "add
      > more
      > browsers" or are there some clips pre-made. This solution
      would be extremely
      > helpful, as I have to test sites across many browsers.
      > Rob Henrichon


      Below is a clip that works very well. I don't recall the poster
      but I'm sure it was a regular listmember.

      This clip works in conjunction with the Browsers.dat file in the
      NoteTab main folder. Add this clip to a library then, if you
      like, you can add an icon to the clipbar that's loaded when you
      doing all the html-page testing. This makes it available like
      any other tool/clipbar button.

      This is the clip.

      H="Choose Browser"
      ^!Set %thefile%=^?{(T=O)FILE TO OPEN=^##};
      %thebrowser%=^?{(H=7)BROWSER TO
      ^!IfDiff ^$StrIndex(^%thefile%;2)$ : OPENBROWSER
      ^!Set %thefile%=file:///^%thefile%
      ^!Set %thefile%=^$StrReplace("\";"/";^%thefile%;0;0)$
      ^!Url [^%thebrowser%] ^%thefile%

      You will probably need to edit Browsers.dat and add an entry like
      those below for each browser you need to invoke while testing.
      You will also need to edit the wizard in the clip to include the
      names you add to browsers.dat.

      I have only Mozilla, FireFox and IE. These work fine with this clip.

      If you have a problem editing browsers.dat or the clip wizard you
      could send me, in private email, a list of the pathname/filename
      for each browser you want to include plus a copy of your
      browsers.dat file and I'll edit them for you.





      hrs > hsavage@...
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