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[Clip] Re: Cursor position?

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  • Larry Thomas
    Hi Claes, ... document. ... No. It is not a bug. Eric made a change in 4.60a. ... Hi Larry, ... That reminds me of a fix in 4.60a Pro only that affected a
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 1999
      Hi Claes,

      At 04:36 PM 9/1/1999 +0200, you wrote:
      >Hi all,
      >Have I missed something?
      >If I make a selection covering more than one row in the normal fashion, ie
      >dragging the mouse forwards-downwards, the insertion bar (=cursor position)
      >ends up at SELECTION_END. You can see it and verify it with the left or
      >right arrow keys. This is as would be expected.
      >However GetRow, GetCol, GetWord and GetChar all point to SELECTION_START
      >for me.
      >According to Help these functions should
      >"Return column index (rowindex|word|character) of cursor in current
      >I have always assumed that this meant that the above functions would point
      >at SELECTION_END (or rather at the end of the mouse click-and-drag action),
      >and have written several of my clips according to that, and they have
      >worked OK earlier. They now have to be rewritten.
      >This seems to be a difference between 4.6 and 4.6a, I have recently changed
      >to 4.6a, and checking with collegues who haven't, verifies the difference.
      >So, what gives? Is this a bug or a feature (ie documented)?

      No. It is not a bug. Eric made a change in 4.60a.

      Below is a post to this list from Raymond Fitzgerald on July 1:


      Hi Larry,

      >I have a copy of the previous version of NoteTab Pro v4.60/np and in that
      >version, the last line of the range is returned by ^!Info ^GetRow$.
      >This can cause and has caused clips written for one version to fail when
      >run on the other version.

      That reminds me of a fix in 4.60a Pro only that affected a few clips of
      mine. These are clips that set a starting point after a ^!Find using
      ^$GetCol$. I had written Eric, "$GetCol$ is now returning the value for the
      beginning of the selected text. With 4.6 and prior, it was returning the
      value for the end of the selection, where the cursor is."

      Eric responded, "A user had brought to my attention that the rich-edit
      control in NoteTab Standard/Light always returned the start of the
      selection. So to force NoteTab Pro to behave like Standard/Light, I cause
      the GetCol function to always return the start of the selection."

      To fix my clips at first I incremented the column # by the selection size.
      Worked great until I had a large selection that happened to span two rows!
      So now I jump to the selection end before using GetCol.




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