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Ok the "work around" is done

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  • Jeff Scism
    The problem still exists but I have solved the immediate problems with getting riod of the extra Head components. Using Jody s Dirstuff I focusewd on teh
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 18, 2004
      The problem still exists but I have solved the immediate problems with
      getting riod of the extra Head components.

      Using Jody's Dirstuff I focusewd on teh first <H2> after the Heads, back
      selected to 1:1, and pasted ina single HEAD with the proper attributes
      and corrected codes.

      This has a lot of user set options Jody built in, and I ma sure it casn
      be simplified by setting a fixed parameter in the clip.

      Here is the Clip version if anyone needs something similar:

      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Clip Begins Next Line~~~~~~

      ^!Continue Opens all files in a folder, Deletes HEAD. Continue?

      ^!Set %Folder%=^?{(T=D)&Browse: full path, end in
      backslash=^$GetValue(DirStuff:Browse)$}; %Drop%=^?{&Drop down: full
      path, end in backslash=_If used, Browse is ignored, may enter path
      %Subs%=^?{Do su&bfolders=Yes^=+|_No^=}; %Type%=^?{(H=10)File &Types,
      wildcards OK: *.txt or *.*htm*;*.txt=All Files^=*.*|_Html
      Only^=*.*htm*|Text Only^=*.txt|Html &
      Text^=*.*htm*;*.txt|Outline^=*.otl|Clipbook Library^=*.clb|Ini^=*.ini};
      %Atrb%=^?{&Attributes, A: Archive, H: Hidden, R: Read-only, S:
      System=_All^=All|AHRS}; %Sort%=^?{&Sort
      order=Date|_Name|Size|Type|UnSorted}; %Rev%=^?{&Reverse sort
      order=Yes^=Rev|_No^=}; %FileCnt%=^?{Get &number of files only=Yes|_No}

      ^!SetHintInfo Opening Files...

      ; Checks to see if Browse or Drop was used
      ^!IfTrue ^%Drop% Skip
      ^!Set %Folder%=^%Drop%

      ^!SetListDelimiter ^p
      ^!Set %Count%=^%OpenList0%
      ^!Set %Index%=0
      ^!Set %FileCount%=0

      ^!SetScreenUpdate Off
      ^!Inc %Index%
      ^!If ^%Index% > ^%Count% Stats
      ^!IfTrue ^%FileCnt% Skip
      ^!Open ^%OpenList^%Index%%

      ^!Find "<H2>" TIWS
      ^!Jump SELECT_START
      ^!SelectTo 1:1
      <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
      <BODY bgcolor="#FFFFFF" text="#000000" link="#0000FF" vlink="#800080"
      alink="#FF0000"><P>Citation: The Indiana GenWeb Project, Copyright
      ©2004, <A HREF="http://www.rootsweb.com/~inmontgo/">Montgomery
      County Website</A> http://www.rootsweb.com/~inmontgo/</P>
      <DIV align="center"><IMG
      SRC="http://www.rootsweb.com/~inmontgo/img/montgomery.gif" WIDTH="450"
      HEIGHT="44" BORDER="0" ALT="">
      <H3>Montgomery County, Indiana USGenWeb Project</H3><HR>

      ^!Close Save
      ^!Inc %FileCount%
      ^!Set %FileSize%=^$GetFileSize("^%OpenList^%Index%%")$
      ^!IfTrue ^%FirstPass% Skip_3
      ^!Set %TotalSize%=^$Calc((^%FileSize%+0)/1024)$
      ^!Set %FirstPass%=1
      ^!Goto Skip
      ^!Set %TotalSize%=^$Calc((^%FileSize%/1024+^%TotalSize%))$
      ^!Goto Loop

      ^!IfSame "^%Subs%" "+" Skip_2
      ^!Set %Subs%=No
      ^!Goto Skip
      ^!Set %Subs%=Yes
      ^!If ^%TotalSize% > 1023 Next else Skip_3
      ^!SetWizardTitle ~^$StrFill(" ";33)$http://www.notetab.net^$StrFill("
      ^!Info [L]Directory: ^%Folder%^pOpened subfolder(s): ^%Subs%^pFile
      Type(s): ^%Type%^pFile(s) opened: ^%FileCount%^pSorted by:
      ^%Sort%^%Rev%^pAttribute(s) set: ^%Atrb%^pTotal size:
      ^!Goto End

      ^!SetWizardTitle ~^$StrFill(" ";33)$http://www.notetab.net^$StrFill("
      ^!Info [L]Directory: ^%Folder%^pOpened subfolder(s): ^%Subs%^pFile
      Type(s): ^%Type%^pFile(s) opened: ^%FileCount%^pSorted by:
      ^%Sort%^%Rev%^pAttribute(s) set: ^%Atrb%^pTotal size: ^%TotalSize%Kb^p


      Jeffery G. Scism. IBSSG

      "Just the facts, maam."
      Sgt. Joe Friday,
      LAPD Badge #714

      Do your civic duty, Know your candidates and
      VOTE for the candidate of your choice.

      Jimmy Hoffa, 1960
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