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Re: [Clip] Re: [NTB] Remove lines with keywords?

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  • Jody
    Hi Billy, The H=Clipname line is long; remove hard line breaks if there are any - you can use Modify | Lines | Join Lines after selecting the line. See note
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 2, 2004
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      Hi Billy,

      The H=Clipname line is long; remove hard line breaks if there are
      any - you can use Modify | Lines | Join Lines after selecting the
      line. See note about adding your list of strings to search for
      inside Clip (%StringList%). If the Clip gets too messed up for
      you to fix or you don't understand how to add it, download the
      nnnLines Library from below. To edit a Clip right click over it
      and choose Edit Clip...

      <--- Copy below this line --->
      H=DeleteLine if it contains... Deletes all lines in document if they contain the string you specify.
      ; Clip is also in: http://www.notetab.net/zip/nnnlines.zip
      ; eMailed on 08-02-2004, ntb-clips@yahoogroups.com, Jody
      ; notetab.net, clean-funnies.com, fookes.us, sojourner.us
      ; Fookes Software Home
      ; http://www.fookes.com/regnow.html?2448&item=home

      ^!SetHintInfo Removing domains...
      ^!SetScreenUpdate Off
      ^!ClearVariable %DeleteList%

      ; *******************************************
      ; Insert list of comma separated words after
      ; SetArray %StringList%= (Remove bad,tech)
      ; *******************************************

      ^!SetListDelimiter ,
      ^!SetArray %StringList%=bad,tech
      ^!Set %Count%=^%StringList0%
      ^!Set %Index%=0; %DeleteCount%=0

      ^!Jump 1
      ^!Inc %Index%
      ^!If ^%Index% > ^%Count% Stats

      ^!Find "^%StringList^%Index%%" SITC
      ^!IfError Loop1
      ^!Select Line
      ^!Set %LineDeleted%=^$GetSelection$
      ; ^!DeleteLine
      ^!Toolbar Clear All
      ^!Inc %DeleteCount%
      ^!Append %DeleteList%=^%LineDeleted%
      ^!Goto Loop2

      ^!Jump 1
      ; long line follows, remove any hard line breaks if any - Join Lines ;)
      ^!SetWizardTitle Get more Libraries & Clips at the NoteTabbers Assistant Page: http://www.notetab.net
      ^!Info [L]Number of lines deleted: ^%DeleteCount%^p^p^%DeleteList%

      <--- Copy above this line --->
      <--- Right click over a Library --->
      <--- Choose: Add from Clipboard --->

      >This is my first post. I hope it's acceptable. My question
      >involves whether NoteTab has the ability to remove lines from a
      >text file that contain a certain keyword, or string.

      >Anyway, here is a brief sample of what my Hosts file looks like:
      > backupdvd.info
      > backwebtechnologies.rsc01.net
      > bad-credits.net
      > bad.a6.squally7845tabs.us
      > badboss.tv
      > badcredithistorycreditcard.com
      > baden24.ivwbox.de
      > badlands.112.2o7.net
      > There's thousands of these "hosts", or websites, in my Hosts
      > file. What I need NoteTab to do is remove all host entries that
      > contain a certain word, or "string" that I specify, because I
      > have another filter method based on keywords, and I want to
      > slim my huge Hosts file down, for speed of access purposes. So
      > far I have not been able to figure out how to do it with my
      > NoteTab, but I feel N.T. can do it. For instance, if I specify
      > that NoteTab remove all entries that contain the word "bad"
      > from the list above, NoteTab would delete or separate from the
      > list 6 of the 8 hosts, starting at- bad-credits.net.
      > There will be around 200 of these keywords I will use to pare
      > down my very large Hosts file. If I could specify all 200
      > strings in the same operation, that would be even better, but
      > I'll settle for one at a time. Is any of this possible with
      > NoteTab? And if so, how? Thanks, Billy

      Happy Clip'n!

      www.clean-funnies.com, http://www.fookes.us/maillist.htm

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