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Re: [Clip] Re: NoteTab software.

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  • Larry Thomas
    ... I highlighted. Instead that function copied every clip I have ever saved after I double clicked on the PasteClip and clicked on the text on the right. ...
    Message 1 of 12 , Jul 6, 2004
      At 02:07 AM 7/7/04 +1000, you wrote:
      >Hi Alan or whoever can help,
      >Thanks for the letter but I could not get "copy all" to copy just the clip
      I highlighted. Instead that function copied every clip I have ever saved
      after I double clicked on the PasteClip and clicked on the text on the right.
      >The only function that seems to work is "Copy to Clipboard" but I cannot
      find or create a button for it therefore I have to right click on PasteClip
      name in the library and then select Copy to Clipboard from the window that
      pops up.
      >Is it possible to create a button for the "Copy to Clipboard" function?
      >Your help is appreciated
      >Regards Richard.

      Hello Richard,

      I have a suggestion for you. Go to your clipbook panel and go to the top
      of it where the name of your clipbook library appears. Place your mouse
      cursor over it and click the left mouse button and select "Open as
      Document". Now the file is open as if it were a regular text document with
      all of your clips show as:

      And the text for that clip is located here below the clip name.

      Now what I want you to do is to go to the menu bar and select File/Save As
      and when the save dialog box opens browse to the NoteTab Light\Documents
      folder. Now look at the bottom of the dialog where it is labeled "File
      name" and you will see the name of your clipbook library - something like
      Clipbook.clb. Click your mouse button to position your cursor at the right
      end of the file name and backspace over the clb extension and then type otl
      and click the "Save" button.

      This has created a new file with the same name as your clipbook library but
      it is in the documents folder and the extension has ben changed from clb to
      otl. Now look at the very top of the new file and you will see a header as

      = V5 MultiLine NoSorting TabWidth=30

      Your new outline file will not display as an outline file with this heading
      since this heading is set for clipbook libraries only. You should change
      this heading to:

      = V4 Outline MultiLine NoSorting TabWidth=30

      And save the file again. Now go to the menu bar and select Edit/Reload and
      your new file will be converted to an outline file.

      Now you can just go down the left side of that file on the topic panel and
      select the clip you want to copy/paste and then you can select Edit/Copy
      All and you will get a dialog asking "Copy whole outline document to
      clipboard?". Answer no and only the topic will be copied to the clipboard.

      This just seems like too much trouble to me. I would even prefer to use
      the "Copy to Clipboard" you are already using than this.

      There is another way to do this though. You can use keystroke shortcuts to
      do it. The easier way to copy an outline topic is to Press Ctrl+A and then
      Ctrl+C. In other words press and hold the Control key and while holding it
      press and release A and then press and release C and the copy is done
      without any dialog at all. A selects all of the text in the topic and C
      copies it to the clipboard. The only thing you have to watch out for is to
      be sure to press a non printing key such as the cursor right or left keys
      or the home or end keys to unselect the text. If you do not, you might
      accidentally hit a key or the space bar and delete all of the selected text
      in the topic. There is a method to recover if you do. Just go to the menu
      bar and select Edit/Reload and all of the text will be restored.

      I hope that this helps.


      lrt@... e¿ê
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