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Re: [NTB] How can I execute a clip command

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  • Larry Thomas
    Hi Paul, ... I can give you a basic line of code. Press F4 to open the clipbook panel and right click on it. Select Add New Clip and when the input box for
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2004
      Hi Paul,

      At 03:33 PM 5/1/04 -0000, you wrote:
      >We maybe talking apples and oranges here, I don't know,
      >this so very confusing and frustrating,
      >I took the very first example from the help file on
      >clip programming, which is:
      >I type in that line and double clip on it and nothing
      >happens. I highlight it and hit enter and it disappears.
      >Isn't this support to start up another version of NoteTab?
      >Can someone give me a very basic example of line of code
      >and how to activate it??? I have been looking through the
      >help for hours and have figured out nothing. A basic
      >tutorial would help very much. All the documentation in
      >the world does not help if it does not help someone get
      >-Paul Kadow

      I can give you a basic line of code.

      Press F4 to open the clipbook panel and right click on it. Select "Add New
      Clip" and when the input box for the name opens type in a name for your new
      clip. When the clipbook editor opens, type your name on the ddocument
      labeled "[Clips] and then click on the save button on the toolbar to save
      it. Now open a new document by clicking on the "New Document" button on
      the toolbar and when the new blank document appears go to the clibook list
      and double click on the new clip you entered. Your name or what ever else
      you typed into the clip will be pasted into the new document.

      If you go to the menu bar and select Help/Help on Clip Programming, you
      will get a special help file with all of the clip codes in it and an
      explanation of what each one does. The alphabetical list of clip commands
      are on the index tab of this file.

      ^!Activateapp does NOT start another session of NoteTab. What this command
      does is to restore NoteTab from a minimized state on the task bar. This is
      more advanced that you are ready for right now but I can demonstrate it for
      you. Add a new clip as I mentioned above and name it "Hide and Show NTB".
      This will be a clip that will minimize NoteTab to the task bar, wait three
      seconds and restore it to full display again. Write this code into the
      "[Clips]" document and run it as I said above to see it work.

      ^!Delay 30

      If you look up the command for Activateapp, you will see:

      Activates the NoteTab application Window. If NoteTab is minimized or behind
      other windows, the window is restored and brought to the front.

      If you want to start another instance of NoteTab, the command would be as

      ^!"C:\Program Files\NoteTab Pro\NotePro.exe" /INST=01

      The first part is the full path and name of the executable file in quotes
      which will launch NoteTab and the /INST=01 is the command line parameter
      which will cause NoteTab to launch a second instance of itself no mater
      what the default settings are.

      I see that Jody has already posted you again to please not post to the
      basic list on this and I see that you have moved to the clips list. So
      this is a reply to you for that.


      lrt@... e¿ê
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