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Re: [Clip] Path to Fonts

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  • Ed Brown
    ... From: Alan C. To: Sent: Wednesday, January 07, 2004 9:21 PM Subject: Re: [Clip] Path to Fonts ... (has
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      From: "Alan C." <acumming@...>
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      Sent: Wednesday, January 07, 2004 9:21 PM
      Subject: Re: [Clip] Path to Fonts
      Alan C replied:

      >When the clipclass and the clipclass mailing list were first drafted up
      (has it been upwards of two years now since that?) the solutions were posted
      to the clipclass email list.

      >But I see that list is no longer.

      >I'm wonder if those same posted solutions were part of the overall that
      somehow added some completion that otherwise missed.

      >I cannot remember if originally there were examples all the way through
      each lesson. But somehow it does seem that part of the idea back then might
      have been to attempt to have for beginners enough to go on but to also leave
      it a teency that s t r e t c h be needed.

      >Your input is valued. I just only sharing some of what happened as well as
      attempting to recall some more of what went on.

      >Before the teacher's solutions would come out, some of us who were active
      at the time would post/share our attempts.

      >But I cannot remember about the s t r e t c h idea. Perhaps originally
      there were more examples. I haven't looked at clipclass for a long time.
      But it is what gave me the base/foundation from which to write any clip that
      is possible to write.

      I found part of what I wanted to know in Lesson 2. There it was more fully
      explained. When I was an instructor we would break the lesson (clip in this
      case) into each part, explain what the function each part was, then we began
      to assemble the parts and until the student was familiar with them. This
      until in this case the clip was finished and working. Then we gave a
      similiar example and asked the student to assemble a new clip for that
      example and explain what each part did. Then when everyone understood that
      we went into lesson 2. But there are more ways than one to accomplish the
      same result. As I begin to understand how the instructor or author of this
      class thinks, then I will understand better what he is trying teaching me.
      Thanks for your reply,

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