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Re: [Clip] Pasting Notetab tabs into a Windows application

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  • Larry Thomas
    Hi Roy, ... NoteTab Pro can help. ... all at once (or to any ... fields, seperated by some type of a ... paste the whole line into TT? ... It is possible to
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 29, 2003
      Hi Roy,

      At 09:56 AM 12/29/03 -0600, you wrote:
      >I have been wanting to do something for a long time and now I think
      NoteTab Pro can help.
      >I would like to paste several fields into the Windows version of Turbo Tax
      all at once (or to any
      >other Windows application).
      >Or pasting several fields into a web page would be great also.
      >Is there a way in Notetab Pro that I could key the data for several TT
      fields, seperated by some type of a
      >Notetab tab character that would work the same as the tab key, and then
      paste the whole line into TT?

      It is possible to copy and paste data from NoteTab to another application
      if you are willing to take the time to set it up and if you feel that you
      will do enough work with the clip to make it worth while. This does not
      sound like an easy clip to write to me. If I did it I would be using the
      ^!Keyboard command to pass the data to the application.

      First you would need to determine how many fields you would be filling and
      then you would need to set up the wizard or wizards to do it. Next, you
      would need to experiment with the various clip commands for bringing up the
      application that you want to paste into and you would need to set up the
      code to lock up the running clip and wait until the target app gets focused
      and then release the clip to finish pasting the data into the target app.
      And finally, you would need to run through the keystrokes on the target app
      to determine the keystroke sequence to use to enter your data.

      ^!Focusapp will bring up the target app but you must hold up the rest of
      the clip execution until it gets brought to the front or your keystrokes
      will be dumped into NoteTab or somewhere else other than the target app.

      ^$GetAppTitle$ can be used in a loop to watch for the target app to come
      into focus and to hang the clip in a loop until it does and then release
      the clip to the keystroke sequences.

      You can use ^!SetClipboard with your wizard or wizards to send the data to
      the clipboard for pasting into the target app.

      You can use sequences such as ^!Keyboard Ctrl+V or ^!Keyboard Ctrl+Ins
      depending on what your target app accepts as a shortcut key for pasting
      information from the clipboard and you can combine those with tabs or what
      ever keystrokes your target app uses to move from field to field and the
      enter key if needed to enter your data into the particular field.

      You can use any keystroke combination that your target app accepts as a
      shortcut key to allow NoteTab to control the target app. Example: I wrote
      such a clip for Eudora Pro and ^!Keyboard Ctrl+N would cause Eudora to open
      a new message when NoteTab passed it with Eudora in focus.

      The big problem as I see it is that you must run your target app and check
      out the keystroke sequences that will do the job for you including the
      shortcut keys for that application that you might want NoteTab to use to
      run it.

      If you are just running one or two jobs with Turbo-Tax, it does not sound
      worth it to me but if you are doing many many entries, well it just might
      be something that you might want to try.

      Good Luck,


      lrt@... e¿ê
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