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Re: [Clip] Saving and Updating Files

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  • Lee Underwood
    Don, Thanks! It works great. I appreciate it. Lee
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 15, 2003

      Thanks! It works great. I appreciate it.


      At 10/14/03 03:25 PM -0500, Don Daugherty wrote:
      >I believe the following snippet of code, adapted and inserted ahead of your
      >^!Save AS e:\1-TNS\1-MAIN\daily.htm code line would do the job:
      >; Define basic file-name, including drive and path but excluding extension
      >^!Set %File%="e:\1-TNS\1-MAIN\daily"
      >; Find highest numbered existing file
      >^!Set %n%=0
      >^!Inc %n%
      >^!IfFileExist "^%File%^%n%.htm" Skip_-1
      >; n is now 1 greater than highest numbered existing file
      >^!If ^%n%=1 RenameDaily
      >^!set %old%=^%n%
      >^!dec %old%
      >; old is now equal to highest numbered existing file
      >; there may be some desired limit that old should not exceed: 5, 7, 31, 99,
      >365, or ???
      >; if so code like the following 5 lines should be included ("7" used for
      >^!If ^%old^<7 Renumber
      >^!DeleteFile "^%File%^%old%.htm"
      >^!dec %old%
      >^!dec %n%
      >^!If ^%old% >=7 Skip_-3
      >; Renumber files in descending order
      >^!RenameFile "^%File%^%old%.htm" "^%File%^%n%.htm"
      >^!dec %old%
      >^!dec %n%
      >^!If ^%old%>=1 Skip_-3
      >; Now rename daily.htm to daily1.htm
      >^!RenameFile "^%File%.htm" "^%File%^%n%.htm"
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