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Re: [Clip] Interfacing w/ Perl; arguments

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  • Alec Burgess
    Hi Darkness: I m pretty sure that arguments CAN be passed in the same way that they could be if you executed a Perl script from a DOS box but I haven t done it
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2003
      Hi Darkness:

      I'm pretty sure that arguments CAN be passed in the same way that they could
      be if you executed a Perl script from a DOS box but I haven't done it and
      would have to check the manuals to try to figure out how to get them in.

      For an alternative approach you might want to look a script done by Sheri:
      >> Clips and scripts for processing Perl Regexp Search and Replace functions
      on an open document in Notetab. Dialog uses Perl/Tk. <<

      This set of notetab clips builds a perl.pl script on the fly and avoids the
      whole issue of how to get parameters in via the ^!runperl command.

      Hopefully one of the guru's in this area will have a more direct answer.

      btw: there is a list specifically for scripting with other programs as
      opposed to strictly using Notetab's built in clip language.
      Its not very active and I don't think there are any members there who aren't
      also in the ntb-clips list, but you might find something useful in the

      (If you do please post back to either list :-) )

      Regards ... Alec

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      > Hey guys, i know there's probably -something- in the list of messages
      > which i'm currently digging through, but since i was having no
      > success, i thought i'd post an inquiry whether someone had a
      > quicklink that would give me the solution to my problem:
      > I'm new to notetab's scripting lang, and i'm trying to figure out how
      > to pass stuff from notetab to a perl script that is fired up from a
      > clip.
      > my basic question is not so much syntactic (though a syntactic
      > solution would suffice), but rather, how can i pass information from
      > notetab to a perl script.
      > In specific my script when run, prompts the user for a file name to
      > read from. Thus my intention had been to try to get the file name
      > from notepad and then toss it to the perl script, then refresh the
      > document once it had been modified by the perl script.
      > So, while syntactic help will of course be useful, i'm curious if i'm
      > barking up the correct algorithm here for mucking with perl scripts
      > in notetab.
      > Any suggestions?
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