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Re: [NTB] How to write a clip to right justify text for part of a line?

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  • hsavage
    ... to the ... right ... Larry, Roy, I m CC ing this to the clips list. Roy, if you aren t a member of the clips this is the address
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 17, 2003
      Larry Thomas wrote:

      > At 12:45 AM 8/18/03 -0000, you wrote:
      >> wrote:
      >> Thank you.
      >> The important thing is that the 2nd C will end in col 80. So I would
      >> not know how many blanks to insert after the bb's since there could
      >> be 2 or more b's. I don't believe there is a simple solution.
      >> Roy
      > Hi Roy,
      > I trested the clip that I sent to you on this.
      > aa bbbbbbb cc
      > aa bb cc
      > And I changed the number 64 in the clip to 79
      > Each line ends at column 80 in the NoteTab document without regard
      to the
      > a's and b's in the line. If you see the cc located at other than the
      > side it is because of word wrap in the email transmission.
      > Regards,

      Larry, Roy,

      I'm CC'ing this to the clips list.

      Roy, if you aren't a member of the clips this is the address


      Larry, your clip works nicely but, one small thing. Roy said he wants
      the last 'c' to be in column therefore the line length entered into the
      clip should be 80 instead of 79.

      A line length of 79 puts the last 'c' in column 79. To prove this enter
      this string 8 times across the screen in line one.



      P.S. Sorry, forgot to cc to clips list.
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