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Re: [Clip] test if selection is enclosed in a tag?

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  • hugo_paulissen
    ... highlight ... Larry, I think what you intended was: ^!Find a*
    Message 1 of 2 , May 21 1:02 AM
      > The ^!Find command with the R option set will be able to find and
      > the specified tags and everything between them.
      > ^!Find "<chunk>*</chunk" TIRS


      I think what you intended was:

      ^!Find "<chunk>\a*</chunk" TIRS

      Please note that this is a greedy pattern. This will pick up
      _everything_ between "<chunk>" and the last occurence of "</chunk".


      BTW: for the clip in the original question one could think of using
      ^$GetHTMLTAG$ or ^$GetHTMLTAGName$. It would not be an easy task to
      accomplish, since I think the enclosing tags should be found first.
      This opens up a range of other questions: how many tags should be
      skipped before I stop searching for the enclosing tag, etc, etc...
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