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  • Larry Thomas
    Hi All I have combined my previous clips into one and added a personal stamper to stamp your own clips with your email address and the current date/time. You
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2003
      Hi All

      I have combined my previous clips into one and added a personal stamper to
      stamp your own clips with your email address and the current date/time.
      You must edit the clip after you install it by scrolling down to line 49
      with word wrap on or line 38 with word wrap off. You will see the line:

      ^!Set %StampName%=Larry Thomas <larryt@...>

      Change it to your own name <email address> and save it.

      The coded clips that I post are made with the clip editor set to " Show
      Headers". This is why you see the name of the clip at the very top of
      every clip I send. I do this so that it will make it easy to add clips
      using the right-click menu "Add from Clipboard" feature. When you do it
      this way the clip name shows up in the dialog box so you do not have to
      type it in and all you have to do is click ok to have it entered into your
      clipbook library. This also causes the name to show up twice at the top of
      the clip so before you save the clip, you have to delete one of the lines
      at the top then save the clip.

      I have made an improvement on the Encode and Decode functions. Now you do
      not have to copy the clip to a new document when using them. The clip does
      NOT mess up your original document - it creates a new document with the
      converted text in it and you can delete it later if you wish. The major
      improvement is that if you select text in a list of clips or a single clip
      or several clips in a clipbook, only the clips you have selected will be
      encoded. If you make no selection, the whole clip or clipbook library will
      be encoded. This clip works with either the clipbook editor (when you put
      it on a clipbar button) or an open clipbook library. So you can send
      either individual clips or multiple clips, or whole clip libraries and they
      need no special handling. I hope you enjoy the clip.



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