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9979Re: [Clip] Use RegExp to change case?

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  • Sheri
    Mar 8, 2003
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      Hi Alan,

      Cool stuff, your Perl case changer! Your patterns also work fine in
      my Perl Regexp dialog. I had read about .*? before, but forgot about

      One enhancement would be to treat the newlines as dot characters by
      using an "s" modifier together with either the paragraph or whole
      file unit. That way the opening tag, text and closing tag don't have
      to be on the same line for it to work. When I get a chance I think I
      will add an option for the "s" modifier to my dialog. Below is your
      perl script modified to operate on sections separated by blank lines
      (what I call paragraphs).


      local $/="";
      # Works entire doc if nothing is selected
      # Or, works just your selection if text is selected
      while (<>) { # ea section between blank lines
      print ;
      } # end
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