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9954Re: [Clip] two windows

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  • Dick Gascoigne
    Mar 5, 2003
      In the event you're looking to move between document windows within NoteTab
      (as opposed to moving between application windows), look in Clip Help at

      ^!Document [FIRST|LAST|NEXT|PREV]
      Selects the specified document tab.

      Moves the input focus to the active document.

      ^!SetDocIndex IndexValue
      Activates the document at the specified position in the tab bar. First
      document is 1.

      ^$GetDocName(Index)$ (added in v4.52)
      Returns the active document name, if no index is specified, or the document
      name at specified index position. An invalid index number returns an empty
      string. The first document is at index 1.

      Returns the index position of the active document, or the document refered
      by the Name parameter.

      Some combination of those should work for you. If not, you know were to
      come for clarification.

      Dick Gascoigne

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      Subject: [Clip] two windows

      > Hi
      > I may have missed something but is there any other command other than
      > control+tab to switch between windows ??
      > THANKYOU DAVE in aus.
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