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9946Clip Agony

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  • useness@earthlink.net
    Mar 4 11:33 AM
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      Okay, maybe I'm just stupid, but I'm getting my butt kicked here. I'm trying
      to learn NoteTabs Clip language. This is the first clip that I've tried to
      write. I'm using the NoteTab Help file trying to learn the proper syntax for
      my clip.

      What I want to do is to highlight a group of characters at the begining of a
      line (that much I got) and see if they match a predefined set of characters.
      Here's what I've got.

      ^!Keyboard ShiftDown Right Right Right ShiftUp Ctrl+C
      (This hi-lites the text that I want to check)

      Now here's my problem!!! How do I get that text into a variable? The help
      files explains how to "define" the variable, and how to designate data for
      the variable. Like the following.

      ^!Set %VariableName%=Data

      But NOWHERE does it explain how to get data from the document to the
      variable. How is that done?

      I've tried coping it to the clipboard and then calling the clipboard data,
      but that doesn't work. Something like this.

      ^!Keyboard ShiftDown Right Right Right ShiftUp
      ^!Keyboard Ctrl+C
      ^!Set %linetest%=^$GetClipboard$
      ^!IF "%linetest%" = "___" GoToLabel true [ELSE GoToLabel false]
      ^!Keyboard home #[ # end # ]# home down
      ^!Goto mystart

      But this doesn't work either. Any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong?


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