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  • Alan C.
    Mar 1, 2003
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      Hi Don,

      >I get mail in like this, several in one text file:
      >Name: Dave
      >Email: dave@...
      >Subject: Test message
      >Comment: another test message
      >I want to be able to highlight a message and be emailing that person in my
      >email client or otherwise. Can it be done?

      'nuther approach that I formerly tinkered with

      If, in Ntab you have a doc of text where the very top line is like next:

      dave@...;Re: Test message;+

      NoteTab doc text is from here on in the doc

      ; strips top semi colon delimited line into variable
      ; then sends Ntab doc to email client, all is ready 2 send
      ^!Jump 1
      ^!Select EOL
      ^!Set %delim_items%=^$GetSelection$
      ^!Select LINE
      ^!Replace "^$GetSelection$" >> "" ISH
      ^!Email ^%delim_items%
      ; --end of clip--

      Or, I've a clip-Perl combo that, using Perl, sends the email directly from NoteTab (no need for any email client). It works, but maybe currently (when use it) need more manual editing than what's desirable. As soon as I learn more about Perl's shift function, I'm going to directly pass more parameters into Perl from NoteTab. If U interested, let me know, I'll post it on the Scripts list.

      Later. Alan.
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