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9925Re: Variables - values don't stick

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  • M. Sean Fosmire <msf@theup.com>
    Mar 1, 2003
      Whether or not this should happen, the fact is that it does. Without
      the !^InsertText command, the results are eccentric and
      unpredictable. With it, it works every time and on each system.

      Among the other problems, without the command, the predefined
      internal variables don't work. Try this one:

      = V5 MultiLine NoSorting TabWidth=30

      ^%nl% First line ^%nl% Second line

      ^!InsertText ^%nl% First line ^%nl% Second line

      The results on my Win2000 system this morning:

      "one" produces:

      ^%nl% First line ^%nl% Second line

      "two" produces the intended result:

      First line
      Second line

      The Clip library has a bullet in front of "one" and an ! in front
      of "two", indicating that it interprets "one" as text and "two" as a
      programmed clip.

      > I believe you still have a problem. ^!Insert or ^!InsertText is not
      > needed. There was a time when at least "^!" had to be in the Clip
      > for certain other code to work. I think it was wizards: ^?[Test].
      > It appears Eric may have fixed it so that "^!" is not needed at all
      > anymore or I forget the certain code that would not work. Your
      > original Clip was tested and worked in XP for at least two of us
      > that tried. I'm glad it works for you, but it is added code that
      > you have to put in that is not needed. I have many a Clips that do
      > what you had. In fact, when the Clip Code was much smaller, only a
      > few dozen commands maybe, it was common practice to use pure text.
      > Variables containing text do indeed get processed w/o using ^!Insert
      > or ^!InsertText. I'd be curious to know what it does know if you
      > take ^!InsertText out.
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