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9819Re: [Clip] lines to variables

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  • Sheri
    Feb 10, 2003
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      At 02:34 PM 2/10/03 +1100, David wrote:
      >What I can do select line by line and place each line into 3 variables ,Read
      >and then moves to the next line into the same 3 variables , small portion
      >below , any help would be appreciated ??
      > THANKYOU DAVE in aus.
      >BBS = Bulletin Board System.
      >ATM (2) = Asynchronous Transfer Mode (network).
      >BEDO = Burst Extended Data Out (DRAM).
      >BGA = Ball Grid Array (242 pin Intel CPU).
      >CD-RAM = Compact Disk Rewritable Access Media.

      Hi David,

      To process a file line by line:

      ^!Jump Doc_Start
      ^!SetWordWrap Off
      ^!Select EOL
      ^!Set %var1%="^$GetSelection$"
      ;more processing
      ^!Jump +1
      ^!If ^$GetRow$=^$GetLineCount$ Out
      ^!Goto Loop

      If you needed to put part of the line into one variable and part into another, you could do that any number of ways, e.g., use string functions based on the whole line or
      use a combination of commands designed to highlight the desired parts of the line one at a time (instead of ^!Select EOL).

      Hope it helps,
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