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9788Re: [Clip] Re: clip for searchdisk

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  • Sheri
    Jan 29, 2003
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      At 06:52 PM 1/28/03 -0600, hrs wrote:
      >I'm trying to alter both, the SearchList_x and ReplaceList_x, of the
      >SearchFiles section of NotePro.ini. I thought it would be handy to set
      >both sides of the Search/Replace Disk function before opening
      >SearchDisk, and, I assumed, that would be fairly easy.
      >Well, it isn't, so I ask again, of Jody and Eric, are certain sections
      >of NotePro.ini protected to inhibit user interference from within the

      Again it works for me, so I don't see how it could be a Notetab issue, unless perhaps you have
      "Stay on Top" checked in Notetab's control menu. That sometimes causes different behavior in
      clips although I don't know that to be true in this case. Without showing the specific clips you
      tried to use you make it hard to tell what could be wrong.

      H="Inject Search Disk Replace Text"
      ^!Prompt Highlight Search Text, then press Alt key to continue clip
      ;The sethintinfo command had to be in the loop or couldn't highlight text
      ^!SetHintInfo Highlight search text, then press Alt key to continue clip
      ^!IfTrue ^$IsAltKeyDown$ Next Else Wait1
      ^!SaveValue SearchFiles:SearchList_1=^$UseTokens(^$GetSelection$)$
      ^!Prompt Highlight Replace Text, then press Alt key to continue clip
      ^!SetHintInfo Highlight replace text, then press Alt key to continue clip
      ^!IfTrue ^$IsAltKeyDown$ Next Else Wait2
      ^!SaveValue SearchFiles:ReplaceList_1=^$UseTokens(^$GetSelection$)$
      ^!Select 0
      :Show SearchDisk Dialog
      ^!Prompt clip keystrokes won't work here - next go to "replace in files" section and show 1st S&R drop box texts.
      ^!Menu Search/Search Disk
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