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9787Re: clip for searchdisk

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  • hsavage
    Jan 28, 2003
      hsavage wrote:
      > > Jody, and, or Eric,
      > >
      > > attempt to alter the SearchFiles section. I tried to do ^!SaveValue's
      > > in several different ways.
      > >
      > > I could save the desired values to an entirely new section I created in
      > > NotePro.ini but no matter what I tried I couldn't alter the SearchFiles
      > > section of the .ini unless I edited it manually and rebooted NotePro or
      > > used SearchDisk dialog.
      > >
      > > My question, is the SearchFiles section of NotePro.ini protected in
      > > way to prevent access to it other that a manual edit or the SearchDisk
      > > dialog?
      > >
      > > hrs
      > Hi Harvey,
      > ^!ProgIniSave
      > ^!SetIniFile
      > ^!SaveValue SearchFiles:ReplaceList_1=^$UseTokens(^$GetSelection$)$
      > ^!ProgIniLoad
      > ^!Info Your highlighted text is now 1st in the Search Disk Replace
      Box drop box.
      > Regards,
      > Sheri

      Jody, Eric, and Sheri,

      I couldn't get back to this question till now.

      Sheri, I already had clips with nearly identical ini control commands,
      and, no they don't work.

      I'm trying to alter both, the SearchList_x and ReplaceList_x, of the
      SearchFiles section of NotePro.ini. I thought it would be handy to set
      both sides of the Search/Replace Disk function before opening
      SearchDisk, and, I assumed, that would be fairly easy.

      Well, it isn't, so I ask again, of Jody and Eric, are certain sections
      of NotePro.ini protected to inhibit user interference from within the

      I tried many different combinations and found, I could easily add, alter
      and remove new sections as I do very frequently with ini files that
      store data for a webpage template I use.

      Is there a way to allow user access to those sections of NotePro.ini?


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