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9599timer bug in NoteTab Lite; NoteTab publicity

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  • dean martineau
    Dec 29, 2002
      I believe I've had this discussion before, but now believe that there is a
      problem that may only occur in NoteTab Lite. Take these lines of code:

      ^!TimerStart 60000
      ^!TimerPlay Book1

      ^!IfInRange hhmm 0854..0854 doit
      and more commands, not needed for this illustration ...

      What happens is that if I start the timer at 8:35, the instructions found
      under :doit are carried out at 8:36, despite the fact that they aren't
      supposed to be carried out until 8:54. I gather that no matter the result
      of the if statement, the clip continues processing the next line.

      I've tried some alternatives, such as putting a label :top just before the
      if statement, then making the if statement read
      ^!IfInRange hhmm 0854..0854 doit Else top
      and when I do this, the clip is never completed, even at the appointed
      8:54. I believe I remember somebody saying that this was not a problem in
      NoteTab Pro, but I usually use Lite even though I own Pro. Is this a bug,
      or am I missing something?

      Let me also take this opportunity to alert the folks at Fookes Software,
      and others, of an audio feature on NoteTab which I created and which is
      available on the web. this was an article for my now-defunct computer
      magazine for the blind which I also submitted to Main Menu, a two-hour
      weekly program on technology for the blind.

      The Url to listen to the entire two-hour program which contains the segment is
      With Winamp, it's easy to skip to the fourth segment, the one in question.

      Or you can download the segment, I don't believe you can link directly to
      it for on-line listening purposes, at

      Enjoy, and thanks for the Clip help.

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