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9582Re: [Clip] Re: Proper use ?? of ^!TimerStart

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  • Alan C.
    Dec 16 6:23 PM
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      (2nd or alternate ini & 2nd instance of NoteTab Pro in conjunction with NoteTab Timer use & background task management is the topic that follows)

      It didn't occur to me until just now. Or I would have shared about this as a possibility sooner.

      But (I just tried it) use of an alternate ini and launched a 2nd instance of NoteTab Pro

      Minimized, in Win 2k, the 2nd NTB only uses near 400 something to 800K of my 'puters memory. That's minimal.

      I had timer going in each instance of NoteTab, bells and whistles going off all over the place. Each timer only impacted its own NoteTab, had no detectable effect whatsoever on the other NoteTab instance.

      I think each NoteTab instance runs in its own memory space just like the different .exe programs on your 'puter whereby you can have more than one up and running at the same time.

      Commandline launch a minimized NoteTab with certain clip also executed for the purpose to manage background task(s) of which Timer might fit within that category. I may write a clip does such for timer, etc. Could even have it launch a Perl script and retrieve over the internet my favorite nntp news group articles at certain time of day via timer.

      One thing about NoteTab: There are lots of possibilities.

      if anyone want to experiment, follows is a 2nd ini file name that I used, then a clip to launch 2nd NTB via that 2nd or alternate ini

      the ini filename:


      the clip (2 be launched from the normal NTB instance):

      H="Load ntptimer_ini NTB"
      ^!^$GetAppFileName$ /INI=ntptimer
      ; --end clip--

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