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9579[Clip] Re: Proper use ?? of ^!TimerStart

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  • Sheri <silvermoonwoman@comcast.net>
    Dec 16, 2002
      Hi Alan,

      I experimented a bit more with the timer and with a simple clip I
      don't have a problem on the status line. However, my mouse pointer
      disappears in Notetab context menus when the time resets. Eg if I
      open a context menu with a 1 second timer going, the mouse pointer
      disappears quicker than if if its a 5 second timer. So, there's
      obviously some degree of impact on normal Notetab operations.

      I guess you only get one timer, because ^!TimerStop stops it. There
      also seems to be no warning if you execute a new ^!TimerPlay without
      meaning to quit the old one. The old one just quits without warning.

      BTW PowerPro has 26 independent timers. It can do a lot of things
      without scripts, but there are some limitations related to use of
      simultaneous scripts.

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