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9577Re: [Clip] Re: Proper use ?? of ^!TimerStart

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  • Alan C.
    Dec 15, 2002
      Hi Sheri,

      >The few times I tried them I got
      >distracting interference on the program's status line.

      That's why I removed the delay command (on the other clips list thread: timer and closing apps)

      And then I noticed no interference on status bar (except when shot up reminder prompt) but if I just have it play a sound file instead of shoot up a prompt then most likely there wouldn't ever be anything or any interruption on status bar. (or maybe there would ^!Shell d:\mysoundfile.wav) or the ^!sound command if I used that instead.

      >The help file says though that a timer clip won't be executed if
      >another clip is progress when the time comes.

      I didn't understand that part of help. I thought it meant if another clip is currently in progress that, under such condition as that, I can not launch the TimerStart

      Do you mean that if I've already launched the TimerStart that if whenever the reminder/event is supposed to pop up--if I have a different clip running at the moment when pop up is to happen that the pop up will not happen?

      >And the clipbook has to
      >remain open.

      Yes. Can be hidden though.

      >PowerPro has nice timers which I've used to run scripts. I have on
      >occasion used Notetab clips to activate its timers and to send data
      >to PowerPro.

      That's what I's try/attempt to find out via this thread if TimerStart uses a totally separate block/chunk of memory (like as if it was its own separate .exe program--or--if it kinda intermixes/intermingles with other activities that I'm simultaneously doing with NoteTab.

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