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  • RS
    Aug 2, 1999
      Hi Kent,

      At 07:48 PM 08/02/99 -0700, you wrote:

      >My problem is this: if I leave the Company field blank, I want the
      >entire "Company:" line left out and the remaining lines moved up to
      >take its place.

      You're asking dangerous questions in dangerous territory! We are banned
      from answering anything about Clips on the "basic" list.

      Here is a Clip that will do what you want:

      ;======== Start ========
      ; 08/03/99 7:46:34 AM
      ; This Clip was edited with ClipWriter 1.0
      ; http://home.att.net/~ptools/ClipWriter/cw.htm

      ^!Set x=^?{To=}
      ^!Set x2=^?{Company=None}
      ^!Set x3=^?{Fax=}

      ^!InsertText To: ^%x%^p
      ^!If ^%x2% = None Next1
      ^!InsertText Company: ^%x2%^p
      ^!InsertText Fax: ^%x3%^p

      ;========= End =========



      It's here!

      ClipWriter 1.0




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