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9341Re: [Clip] Bug on ^%colon%?

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  • Eric G.V. Fookes
    Nov 1, 2002
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      Hi Nicole,

      Nice to see a sign of life from you again ;-)

      >[I do use 4.82 prof. cause the wrapper was somehow not accepted. If this is
      >something which is already solved, please say so, I then have to choose
      >another way. ]

      It's always worthwhile upgrading. There are many improvements in the latest
      release and some potentially nasty bugs have been fixed.

      >I write batchfiles by clips and was always puzzled they didn't work as they
      >should. Digging down I found out that ^%colon% did not work as planed and
      >my labels are not written down.
      >While trying to write this I made a test which leaves me even more puzzled.
      >Clip one:
      >Clip two
      >^!Set %VariableName%=:

      The difference between the two examples is that the first has no Clip
      command or function and the second does. The first situation does not
      trigger the Clip parser so it is treated as plain text. This is normal and
      by design.

      Eric G.V. Fookes
      Author of NoteTab, Mailbag Assistant, and Album Express
      http://www.fookes.com/ and http://www.notetab.com/

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