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9161Re: [Clip] Sum of a column of numbers

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  • hsavage
    Oct 10, 2002
      > steveadausa wrote:
      > How do you guys obtain a sum from
      > a column of numbers?
      > Anyone have a good clip?
      > Thanks, Steve Adams


      I didn't have a clip but put this together. You must mark the column
      before running the clip.

      When you use the keyboard command, Ctrl+E, to sum a marked (selected)
      column of figures the command auto-pastes the answer into the clipboard.

      All you need do to use the 'sum' elsewhere is set the clipboard contents
      to a variable, as this short (2 line) clip does, or access the clip
      board directly with ^!Paste or Ctrl+V or other command.

      This could be expanded to perform calcs other than sums if needed.

      H="column sum"
      ; first line sums the marked column
      ; and pastes sum into clipboard
      ; 2nd line sets the sum in the clipboard
      ; to the variable ^%columnsum%

      ^!Keyboard Ctrl+E &5 Enter
      ^!Set %columnsum%=^$GetClipboard$

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