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9133Re: [Clip] intercept key strokes

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  • Jody
    Oct 3, 2002
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      Hi Mike H,

      >1.) How do I intercept keystrokes in a clip. I know about
      >^$IsShift|Control|Alt$, but is there any way to intercept the
      >remaining key signals?

      No, there is not. Sometime in v5 we will have a recorder that
      will do what you want. Depending on what you are doing though
      you might be able to use testing statements/Testing Conditions.

      (IfSame, IfDiff, IfTrue, If, IfMatch, ^$IsEmpty(...)$ etc...)
      Look up "Testing Conditions" in Help | Help on Clip Programming.
      %Variable% would be set by user input in a wizard.

      ^!Set %Variable%=^?{Click on n item=Do this^=1|Do this^=2|...}

      ^!IfSame "Data1" "^%Variable%" GotoLabel esle Next
      ^!IfSame "Data2" "^%Variable%" GotoLabel esle Next
      ^!IfSame "Data3" "^%Variable%" GotoLabel esle Next


      You can force certain items to be clicked on with the following.
      Use ^!IfCancel it an input is required.

      ; try typing something other than the "I" (ItemN).
      ^!Set %combobox%=^?{(T=C)Force entry combobox==Item1|Item2|Item3}
      ^!Set %listbox%=^?{(T=L)Force entry listbox=Item1|Item2|Item3}
      ^!Set %expanded%=^?{(T=H)Force entry expanded==Item1|Item2|Item3}
      ^!Set %checkbox%=^?{(T=A)Force entry checkboxes==Item1|Item2|Item3}

      ^!Info [L]^%combobox%^p^p^%listbox%^p^p^%expanded%^p^p^%checkbox%

      You can also use masked inputs.

      See "Clip Wizard and Fields" in Help | Help on Clip Programming.

      Happy Clip'n!


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