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9123Re: [Clip] Is NoteTab Lite with Clips good for newsletter templat es?

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  • Larry Hamilton
    Sep 30 4:05 PM

      I built a clip last week to move several files between multiple locations on
      my PC and the network.

      I was not able to get the UNC \\computername to work, so I had to use a
      mapped drive.

      I have not used any other clip commands across the network, so I am not sure
      which ones are supposed to work with \\computername.


      Kevin Witherite wrote:
      > New problem, I am trying to copy an existing file from one directory to
      > another directory with the following in a clip:
      > ^!CopyFile "\\Maxserver\Jobs\^?[Enter 5 Digit Job Number=]\MBS\Zip
      > File\^?[Enter 5 Digit Job Number=].zip" "C:\MBS_Jobs\^?[Enter 5 Digit Job
      > Number=]\^?[Enter 5 Digit Job Number=].zip"
      > The above clip does not work, any idea's?
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