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9119RE: [Clip] Is NoteTab Lite with Clips good for newsletter templat es?

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  • Alan C.
    Sep 30, 2002
      (Don your post triggered my memory) I'd forgotton about ifappopen or I'd a already sent this one that I use

      as far as the skip_2 is concerned, the commented line is not considered to be a 3rd line

      ^!IfAppOpen "NetCaptor" skip_2
      ^!Shell ^$GetShort("D:\Programs\NetCaptor\NetCaptor.exe")$
      ; ^!Shell ^$GetShort("C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe")$
      ^!delay 7
      ^!FocusApp "NetCaptor"
      ; ^!FocusApp "*Microsoft Internet Explorer"
      ^!Set %spot%=^?[(H=30)choose one to launch==www.notetab.com|www.notetab.net]
      ^!URL ^%spot%

      it gets my web browser in focus irregardless of whether it was previously open or not. Then it sends a url command to my web browser and off I go, surfing to a web site. (might be overkill for a web browser since I'm unaware if the browser need be focused in order to receive the ^!URL command) But, the above code does demo a possible method with which to get an app focused prior to sending keystroke ^!Keyboard command

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