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9116RE: [Clip] Is NoteTab Lite with Clips good for newsletter templat es?

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  • Alan C.
    Sep 30 12:09 PM
      Hi Kevin,

      >Yes I am doing it as a clip. I am inserting the following line in the clip:
      >^!Shell "C:\MBS\exewin1\MBS2.exe"
      ^!Delay 5
      >^!Keyboard Alt+F S Alt+F C Enter

      Have you experimented with trying the delay command as I have inserted above?

      NoteTab sequences rather fast. Sometimes I've found that the keyboard commands its keystrokes get issued too soon, even before the executed app is fully opened and focused.

      ^!Keyboard will not accomplish its task unless the receiver app is in focus. The receiver app must be the currently focused app whenever the ^!Keyboard is let loose (parsed and executed)

      You might even try, instead of 5, try 30 or a little more for the delay amount. Then you'd have time to quickly manually bring the app to focus right quick, just before Notetab sends it the keystrokes. (potential trouble shooting)

      Instead of the delay, maybe could be made to work: a loop utilizing ^!Focusapp

      HTH Alan.
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