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9105RE: [Clip] ^!FocusApp ^!Keyboard was Is NoteTab Lite with Clips good for newsletter templat es?

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  • Alan C.
    Sep 28, 2002
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      Hello Kevin,

      >How do I use a program once I have shelled out to it from NoteTab? I've
      >tried Alt+F and such but the program doesn't seem to have the focus.

      If you don't want to focus it with either the mouse or Windows methods:

      My reply assumes you've used Notetab's ^!Shell command and that the program you speak of has been launched (executed).

      help > help on clip programming > index tab > ^!FocusApp > click the display button

      Additionally, keystrokes from NoteTab: check out the samplecode clip library, especially its keyboard macros section, for demonstrative examples.

      Also, neat stuff can be found in the utilities library.

      At (visual listing of a library's clips) In the clip combo box (library content displayer window) you can right click on any clip from the window's listing of clips. After right click then choose "edit clip". After that, it is optional to do any editing. But this is how to view various clips. Most clips include comments to help with understanding/learning.

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