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8993Re: [Clip] Get file name without path

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  • skinnerbird
    Sep 10, 2002
      --- In ntb-clips@y..., hsavage <hsavage@p...> wrote:

      > For Geoffrey's benefit here's a one line clip that will save only
      > filename.ext to the clipboard regardless of it being a saved or
      > file.
      > h="getfilename"
      > ^!SetClipboard ^$GetFileName("^##")$
      > ^$GetFileName(FileName)$
      > Returns the name and extension of FileName (without path).
      > Since version 4.8, this function works both on Windows file names
      and URLs.
      > hrs

      Thank you very much -- as I suspected, it was the wildcard that I was
      overlooking. For some reason, I missed the reference. Your clip plus
      a paste is exactly what I need. Thanks again.

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