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8962Finding a line with word wrap on

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  • h.paulissen@facburfdcw.unimaas.nl
    Sep 3, 2002
      Hello Brooks & hrs,

      ^!Set %Line%=^?{Go to line=}
      ^!SetWordWrap OFF
      ^!Keyboard Alt+S L #^%Line%# ENTER
      ^!SetWordWrap ON
      ^!SetView ^%Line%:1

      On the basic list hrs already invited you to subscribe to this
      list. He pointed out the consecutive steps you would have to take
      to make a complete "autorun-environment". I'm not into LaTeX and
      don't know what happens if you're parsing a text in LaTeX.

      In the meantime I made a short clip (see above) that deals with
      the situation you described ...



      Original message:

      > º Brooks Moses wrote:
      > º
      > º Thus, if I want to use NoteTab's line numbers to find what
      > º corresponds to an "error on line 533" (for example), it seems
      > º I have to turn word-wrap off, find line 533, and then turn
      > º word-wrap back on so that my paragraphs aren't running off
      > º the edge of the screen and I can work with them again.
      > º
      > º Is there some setting that I can change, so that it will count
      > º line numbers by file lines rather than screen lines?
      > º
      > º Thanks,
      > º - Brooks
      > Brooks,
      > All the problems can probably be handled via clip language.
      > Apparently you're using a clip to start the Latex parser, by
      > the addition of a few lines before parsing and a few lines
      > afterward this probably could be done with a minimum of manual
      > input.
      > I don't know anything about Latex or Latex parsers so I don't
      > know what can be done with the output such as 'error on line
      > 533. If the error line number could be gleaned a clip could
      > be altered to make the clip action almost totally automatic.
      > The degree of automation depends whether you can, with clip
      > commands, gather the error line number during clip execution.
      > If you somehow can use the line number, finding the error and
      > focusing NoteTab on that line could be in a fully automatic
      > manner.
      > The steps
      below are general but should be somewhat in the proper order > to
      > You could;
      > Start clip -> Choose and Load Latex file - clip loads file -
      > Clip turns wordwrap off for parsing and line location -
      > Clip starts Parser -
      > Encounter error -
      > Either with clip or manually enter error line number into clip. -
      > Cause cursor to move to error line -
      > Turn wordwrap on for easier editing. -
      > End clip -
      > Do your editing and restart clip for next error check.
      > hrs