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8961New: The NoteTab Scripts Group

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  • Jody
    Sep 1, 2002
      Hello Everybody,

      We now have another discussion mailing list for NoteTab users:

      The NoteTab Scripts Group is for the posting of scripting
      languages such as NoteTab Clip Code, Perl, RegExp, Gawk, etc.
      The group was not necessarily started to prevent posting of
      scripts on the Clips, HTML, Off Topic lists, but to help relieve
      them of a lot of code that most the members do not know about or
      understand. Definitely use the Clips list for Clip Code if you
      want or on this list. Clips or scripts pertaining to HTML can be
      posted on that list or this one. The same goes for the others.

      I suppose we could think of the group as being sort of like a
      beta list for testing scripts, scripts that the author feels that
      it might bounce back and forth for awhile in replies, discussing
      scripting in general, posting scripts of different sorts, etc.
      I'm open to ideas you might have about what should and shouldn't
      be posted on the list. Please discuss that on the scripts list. ;)

      The subscribers that have been on the lists for awhile pretty
      much know that I'm fairly lax about all the different lists, but
      try to pamper the Basic list. As you probably know it is for the
      very basics of NoteTab and new computer users that really don't
      have any idea where to start. In short, please remember not to
      post any scripts on the Basic list. Leave that for NoteTab
      newbies and new computer users.

      You can sign up for the list by clicking on the following mailto
      link and sent the post empty. You should see it in your yahoo
      account within 24hrs.


      Send posts to: ntb-Scripts@yahoogroups.com

      The Subject prefix for the list is: [NTS].

      Thanks to Cindy and Julie who also help moderate the lists and do
      maintenance on them!

      Happy Script'n!
      Jody Adair

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