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8860column format bullet was Re: [Clip] wrapping paragraphs

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  • Alan C.
    Aug 6, 2002
      Hi everyone,

      By the way, that 1st short clip of mine wasn't a true hanging indent since the bullet was added first then column formatting happened then cheat by jumping the top line leftwards two spaces.

      Inspired by Sheri's idea of a true hanging indent (column formatting first then insert the bullet)

      Here's a slightly different approach that's user configurable. It's designed to be used on either a paragraph or multiple paragraphs where each paragraph is separated by a blank line

      you cannot change the variables themselves, but it is the values of the variables that are changeable it is done in the 1st line of the clip as per the clip's comments.

      Probably handy for one up to not a really large quantity of paragraphs since, after 1st paragraph, when multiple paragraphing is activated or turned on, it prompts to continue on for each of next paragraphs. Clip follows.

      H="Bullet Thing"
      ; to begin, click anywhere in your 1st paragraph
      ; this clip adds a bullet & column formats your paragraph(s)
      ; if you're using this clip's mp (multi paragraph) feature then
      ; your paragraphs must be separated by a blank line
      ; %mp%=0 means the multiple paragraph feature is turned off
      ; %mp%=1 means the multiple paragraph feature is turned on
      ; hint: any of the values in the next line may be changed
      ^!Set %bullet%=*; %lmarg%=7; %txtwidth%=69; %mp%=0
      ; ^!Set %bullet%=*; %lmarg%=7; %txtwidth%=69; %mp%=0
      ^!Set %wrap%=^$IsWordWrap$; %cnt%=1
      ^!If ^%lmarg% < 2 warnprompt
      ^!Inc %cnt%
      ^!Append %spacsize1%=^%SPACE%
      ^!If ^%cnt% < 3 Skip
      ^!Append %spacsize2%=^%SPACE%
      ^!If ^%cnt% = ^%lmarg% exitinit
      ^!Goto initstuff
      ^!SetScreenUpdate OFF
      ^!SetWordWrap OFF
      ^!Set %parstart%=^$GetRow$
      ^!Select PARAGRAPH
      ^!InsertText ^$StrFormat("^$GetSelection$";^%lmarg%;^%txtwidth%;0)$^p
      ^!SetCursor ^%parstart%:1
      ^!Replace "^%spacsize1%" >> "^%spacsize2%^%bullet%" IS
      ^!IfFalse ^%mp% wrapup
      ^!Skip Process next paragraph?
      ^!Goto wrapup
      ^!Find "^p^p" IS
      ^!IfError wrapup
      ^!Jump SELECT_END
      ^!Goto multipar
      ^!SetWordWrap ^%wrap%
      ^!ClearVariable %spacsize1%
      ^!ClearVariable %spacsize2%
      ^!Goto end
      ; lmarg is left hand margin size
      ^!SetWizardTitle ~~ lmarg error!
      ^!Info You've set lmarg too small!^%NL%^%NL%its value must be 2 or larger!
      ; ---<end of clip<

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