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8726Spaces Behind Clip Lines

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  • Jody
    Jul 2, 2002
      Hi Michael,

      (This was sent to my notetab-owner yahoo address for some reason
      - the mail return bounces. Anyway, you won't see the original.)

      Take out the space behind: "Set %bcol%=^$GetCol$ " That should
      take care off it, but I only looked at the Clip in mail.

      Check the option to trim blanks or something like that under the
      File or Document tab to take care of things like that after Save.
      It removes any trailing blanks.

      >The following clip, which is supposed to search for a first string,
      >then a second one, and select the text between (with the intent of
      >deleting it later), doesn't work:
      >^Jump 1
      >^!Find "<!--mikeworks header-->"
      >^!Jump SELECT_START
      >^!Set %bcol%=^$GetCol$
      >^!Set %brow%=^$GetRow$
      >^!Find "<!--end mikeworks header-->"
      >^!Jump SELECT_END
      >^!SelectTo ^%brow%:^%bcol%
      >Everything up to the ^!SelectTo ^%brow%:^%bcol% line works, but no
      >selection is occurring. If I replace the ^%brow% and ^%bcol% with
      >integers, it does correctly select the text and if I display those
      >variables after the last line, they display the correct values.
      >Any ideas?
      >Michael Brock

      Happy Clip'n!


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