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8592Regular Expression Question

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  • Larry Hamilton
    Jun 4, 2002
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      I am working on a clip that will find a date at the beginning of a line in a
      file. I have it working for some formats, but due to inconsistencies of the
      ones typing in the dates, the format is not consistent. I am not in charge
      of the source file, but have responsiblity for the file I need to create.

      Here is the reg exp I built:


      It finds the first date at the beginning of a line, but not any after that
      (which is what I want), but it does not find the instance of a single digit

      It finds 05/10/02 or 05.10.02 perfectly. I cannot figure out how to get it
      to find the instances of 5/10/02 or 5.10.02. Once I find this information, I
      can delete it for formating the file for another purpose with ease.

      Any suggestions? I am still going over the help file, the answer must be
      right in front of me.