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8591Re: [Clip] Find and replace throughout site

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  • stephen riddle
    Jun 1, 2002
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      Hi Christine,
      You're welcome. Good luck on the dreaming.
      On CSS, the results of my learning experience are the CSS2 library on
      NoteTab's site. I discovered the big thing is to actually try everything.
      Be aware that browsers manufacturers have their own ideas on CSS, Netscape
      previous to version five because that browser came before CSS and it was a
      kind of add-on, Microsoft's because Microsoft always has its own idea on how
      to do things.
      It's fun to see how they all screw up, no matter what they sat the standards
      Check out the w3c (w3c.org). They have a downloadable standards section. If
      you follow it, at least your site will be legible to everyone (which is more
      than I can say for some sites I've seen. Viewers with no CSS, minimal CSS or
      using user-defined style sheets view, to say it nicely, mush.)
      Oh, go slowly, you'll notice your mistakes, and here and there decide that
      CSS may not be an improvement.
      Good luck and have fun,
      > <LOL> Stephen, you addressed my concerns about a disk replace.
      > I am leaning more towards a search DIRECTORY and replace, but wasn't even
      > sure if I recalled the first function.
      > I'm debating on replacing everything at once (I know about daydreaming
      > <sigh>) or teaching myself CSS and going from there slowly.
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