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  • Jason Waugh
    May 24, 2002
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      Hi Clint,

      CT> Width="^?[Width:]"
      CT> BACKCOLOR="^?[Color:=_blue|gold|rust]"
      CT> ForeColor="^?[Font Color:=_white|black]"
      CT> LINKTITLE="^?[Link Title:]"
      CT> LINKURL="^?[URL:]">

      CT> If I leave any of the above fields blank, I do not want to show the empty fields.. Am I making
      CT> sense now?

      Try this, (copied from the NoteTab help files) - note, I just tried
      this and it works well. You will have to put your whole command on
      one long line though ;)

      ^!InsertWizardHtml Any text with tokens (^p/^t) (added in v4.8):

      Similar to ^!InsertHtml command, but removes attributes that have no
      value. This command is useful when used together with the Clip wizard.
      It allows the user to leave certain fields blank in the Wizard, and
      the corresponding tags are then automatically removed before being
      inserted in the document.

      Example: ^!InsertWizardHtml <TD ALIGN="" WIDTH=""> will insert the
      following tag in your document: <TD>

      Jason Waugh
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