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8525Re: [Clip] Tell Me If I'm Right Please

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  • Len
    May 16, 2002
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      Hi Eric, All;

      If practical, a new event clip something like this??

      "Name1.ext,Name2.ext,Name3.ext" Accepts wildcards
      would be usable here.

      >>I'd like to make Notetab load a clipbook any time it sees a file with a
      >>certain name or extention. Or, I want to make it run a clip when this
      >>happens. Right now, I think the only way for me to do that is make a

      This may be a starting point.
      The http://www.notetab.com/clipbooks/qrefset8.zip is very good for
      clip composing.

      H="Check Ext"
      ^!SetArray %ext%=txt;htm;html;??;??
      ^!Set %cnt%=1
      ^!If ^$IsFileType("^$GetDocName$";"^%ext%^%cnt%")$ = 0 Skip
      ^!GoTo ^%ext%^%cnt%
      ^!Inc %cnt%
      ^!If ^%cnt% > 5 Skip
      ^!GoTo loop
      ^!Continue Document extension is not in the Check Ext array.
      ^!GoTo end
      ^!Clip clipname
      ^!GoTo end
      ^!LoadLibrary LibraryName
      do whatever
      ^!GoTo end
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