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8520Re: [Clip] Tell Me If I'm Right Please

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  • Alan C.
    May 16, 2002
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      Hi Jim,

      >I'd like to make Notetab load a clipbook any time it sees a file with a
      >certain name or extention. Or, I want to make it run a clip when this
      >happens. Right now, I think the only way for me to do that is make a

      Another method:

      loadlibrary command or very similar exists in the clip language.

      also in clip language is ability to test for criteria as to what type of file is the currently focused file in NoteTab. for examlple can verify is it a .txt or a .html or any others that you specify. to do it you use clip language's code for current doc also in conjunction with clip language's ^!if with a specifier to test for your specific file extension.

      I don't know of a method for all this to be set up so as to auto check

      But it all can be assigned to a clipbar button so that just one mouse click initiates it all (very nearly auto -- one mouse click) (user suspects the need to test current doc, user clicks on clipbar button, NoteTab does all the rest)

      I wanted to post an example from my archives. But I'm restoring from computer crash and other much busyness. It may be several days or more before I can find anything pertinent clip of which I do have at least several

      there are a very few clips or clip commands that are not reliable when attempt to initiate from a clipbar button but that work ok when launched from the clip library displayer window where clips from within a library can be seen. hopefully loadlibrary command shouldn't be in this category. I guess I'm saying that create, implementation and testing (applies to any new clip)

      Regard. Alan.
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