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8487Searching Backwards

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  • Robert Barrows
    May 1, 2002
      Is there a bug in searching backwards?
      I'm using Note Tab Pro 4.86 (Full Release).
      Whenever I perform a Find operation using the B option, it seems to perform questionable results.
      For instance-
      ^!Find "\<\/h[1-3]\>" CIBRS
      Refuses to search backwards.

      I'm just trying to identify headings on an HTML page using the following clip:
      ^!Jump Select_End
      ^!MoveCursor +5
      ^!Find "\<\/h[1-3]\>" CIRS
      ^!Jump Select_Start
      ^!Set %HEndPos%=^$GetRow$:^$GetCol$
      ^!Find "<" BS
      ^!Jump Select_End
      ^!SelectTo ^%HEndPos%

      This works fine on the first try except although the second Select_End is not jumping the cursor to the position directly after the < character but is instead selecting /a>. I'm not sure what's causing this. I've tried using Select_Start instead but that gets me the entire </a> tag.

      Why can't I use regular expressions in a backwards search?
      Why does Select_End act oddly directly after a backwards search?
      Is there someway to reset the search settings after performing a backwards search?

      Thanks for any help.


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