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8396Re: [Clip] Clip Call

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  • stephen riddle
    Apr 17, 2002
      Hi Dah,
      Also, if you really must have an underscore at the start of your clip name,
      precede by a plank space. The combo box will render it in full and it will
      be click-executable.
      I'm not sure about others not using underscores, but that is a stylistic
      issue. Sorry you felt this was awkward, but if you can easily come up with a
      better way to denote
      non-click-executable-clips-that-are-still-executable-by-other-clips, this
      product's developer, Eric Fookes is probably the best I know or have heard
      about at welcoming good ideas. (Email Jody or post to the off-topic list, not
      only this, but any other ideas you have which could make NoteTab into an even
      better NoteTab.)
      Also, although I myself, find Windows help system to be adequate, Eric offers
      two versions of his help files, browse the NoteTab site, they have been
      mentioned on these lists, so you could search groups.yahoo for them, also,
      there is, on NoteTab's site, a plain text version of the help files (now
      being upgraded by a wonderful volunteer, I think(whose name I pitifully
      forget)), which is easily and completely searchable for any keyword.
      Take care,
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