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8393Re: [Clip] Clip Call

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  • dah11us
    Apr 16, 2002
      --- In ntb-clips@y..., Jim Hall <jehall@j...> wrote:
      > Stephen and Dah,
      > At 11:27 PM 4/15/2002 -0700, you wrote:
      > >Hi Dah,
      > >On Monday 15 April 2002 10:22, you wrote:
      > >> I noticed that the clip command ^!Clip clip-name does not . . .
      > >> call clips whose clip-name begins with an underscore. However,
      I . . .
      > >> work around this . . . by specifing the clip-name sans the
      > >> underscore character in the clip-name attribute of this
      command. Is
      > >> this a bug?
      > >>
      > >No, that's the way it was planned. Formally, the underscore does
      not exist
      > >when it is the first character in a clip name. Two clips, one
      named _tags
      > >and the other named tags would technically be sharing the same
      name. (The
      > >clip command would call the first one it came to, probably the
      earlier of the
      > >two on the list.)
      > >Other things happen too, as in John's reply.
      > >So what you have been thinking of as a work-around is really just
      > >ordinary way to do it. (Keep up the good work.)
      > FWIW
      > The "Disabled" (Can allow Conditional Execution by NoteTab) form of
      a "Clip" is denoted by being Grayed Out and when clicked on causes
      NoteTab to do nothing. NoteTab may independently execute this form of
      Clip if a predefined set of conditions are met or if an expected
      event occurs. NoteTab recognizes a Clip to be of this format when the
      Clip Header is preceded by an Underscore.
      > Regards,
      > Jim

      Stephen and Jim,

      This is all very well, but seems a bit awkward.

      For example, if the underscore is as you say, a special character,
      then perhaps NTP should handle its use better. For example, if I use
      the underscore character as the first character in a clip name as an
      attribute of the Clip command (a very normal thing to do initially
      for most clip writers), then sensible error message should point me
      in the right direction. Instead, I had to research the "work
      around". Wasted time. Also, I found no ready source of help on this
      topic in NTP help.

      Where are special character characteristics described?
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