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8389Re: Clip Call

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  • john041650
    Apr 15, 2002
      --- In ntb-clips@y..., "dah11us" <dhayes@l...> wrote:
      > I noticed that the clip command ^!Clip clip-name does not seem to
      > call clips whose clip-name begins with an underscore. However, I can
      > work around this problem by specifing the clip-name sans the
      > underscore character in the clip-name attribute of this command. Is
      > this a bug?

      No, this is normal dah11us..

      The underscore _ is a special character in NoteTab... It can define a default value in a list, it can make a temporary variable permanent, and in the case you're referring to, when used at the beginning of a clip name, it signifies that the clip is not "runable" by itself.. That it has to be called by another clip, and to do that, you drop the underscore when you call it. Clip names that begin with _ should be dim in color unless you've changed the default colors for them.

      John :)
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