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8354Re: [Clip] A newbie speaks....

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  • Jody
    Apr 2, 2002
      Hi Robert,

      >In the ASCII files I mentioned are PART NUMBERS for the various
      >components used in the schematics that the engineers create. I
      >use NoteTAB to sniff out these part numbers from the ASCII files.

      ^$GetField(number:row)$ I think. <g>

      >The functionality I would LOVE to add is the ability for NoteTAB
      >to be able to take this Part Number and use it to query an ODBC
      >database. Now as NoteTAB IS used to do Web Design. I am QUITE
      >SURE there MUST be some sort of subroutine to do this. It's just
      >I'm not SAVVY enough with this stuff to do it.

      I don't do ODBC, so I cannot help you further. Import file you
      edited in NoteTab to ODBC? ^$GetField(number:row)$ and then Find
      in ODBC file?

      ^!Set %row%=1
      ^!SetDelimiter ^%tab%

      ^!Set %pn%=^$GetField(number:^%row%)$
      ^!Document Next
      ^!Find "ODBC file" Grin
      ^!IfError End
      ^!InsertText ^%pn%
      ^!Inc %row%
      ^!Document Prev
      ^!Goto Loop

      Also, check out:

      ^!Save As (path\filename - makes/overwrites without prompt)
      File | Export

      Help | Help on Clip Programming

      Happy Clip'n!


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