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8270RE: [Clip] Saving defaults in a valuelist

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  • Martyn Folkes
    Mar 5, 2002
      Hi Dick,

      This might do what you need (beware the long line!):

      ^!SetListDelimiter |
      ^!SetArray %temp%=1|3|5
      ^!Set %count%=0; %list%=1|2|3|4|5
      ^!Inc %count%
      ^!IfDiff ^%count% ^%temp0% Loop
      ^!Set %checkboxes%=^?{(T=A;H=10)Choose==^%list%}


      > -----Original Message-----
      > From: Dick Gascoigne [mailto:dick.gascoigne@...]
      > Sent: 05 March 2002 14:47
      > To: ntb-clips@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: [Clip] Saving defaults in a valuelist
      > I have a curly wizard with checkboxes. Of course the checkboxes
      > are formed
      > from a ListValues parameter, which is actually an Array Variable.
      > Then I put
      > the items which were checked in another Array variable and save it an .ini
      > file. So far, no problem.
      > The next time the clip is run, I want to use those previously checked and
      > saved values as defaults in the ListValues variable for the wizard. That
      > way, the boxes will be "pre-checked" just as they had been
      > checked the last
      > time. Note: the original ListValues has be the same items each
      > time, just
      > with some set as defaults.
      > But I don't see an easy way to take my standard ListValues array variable,
      > and put an underscore in front of the items which appear in the
      > saved array
      > variable.
      > Example:
      > The standard ListValues array variable contains 1|2|3|4|5 -- so
      > the wizard
      > will show 5 checkboxes.
      > If the user checks 1, 3 and 5, then the Set variable will contain 1|3|5.
      > That gets put into another SetArray variable, and saved in the .ini.
      > The next time the clip is run, I want to pick up the 1|3|5 from the .ini,
      > and change the ListValues array variable to _1|2|_3|4|_5. Then the wizard
      > would check those three boxes. But what's the best way to get those
      > underscores inserted in the list?
      > Has anyone already done something like that?
      > Dick Gascoigne
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